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Being "qualified" does not get the job.

That's what we're all about.

Job Search Optimization & Coaching Services

Need more than the best resume?
We are industry-insider experts in every
aspect of the $100K+ job search.
Highly focused high value, services.

Providing For MAXIMUM Competitive Advantage

The resume can easily make or break a job search. It is the critical leading element that you extend to potential employers as your best representation of the unique personal/professional value proposition that you bring to the equation.

An unusually important piece of paper with the ability to change your world for better or for worse; and that can directly impact future earnings by tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout a career.

For those of you with the wisdom to appreciate these simple truths; we offer to optimize your presentation, maximize your value and provide for a substantial competitive advantage in accessing and competing for the best jobs.

Offering A Zero Risk/High Reward Value Proposition

Crafting a highly effective competitive resume is both an art and a science. You're probably very good at your profession—perhaps even exceptional; but chances are that you are not a master resume writer and executive recruiter.

We on the other hand are precisely that and we're very good at what we do. Notably exceptional even. We are so confident in our ability to clearly add value to virtually every situation we encounter, that we readily guarantee such premise.

The bottom line; we do not expect to be compensated unless we provide recognizable reciprocal value: That being said; if you fail to immediately recognize the expected value in our deliverables, simply let us know and you will receive a complete refund.
Yes, we know—novel concept.   Please visit our guarantee page for complete details.

$100K-$500K+ Career Advancement Specialists

High value professionals face unique challenges in the job market and in advancing their careers. Not only do we fully understand those nuances, we are the only Wisconsin resume writing services firm to have a resume writing and career coaching practice 100% dedicated to $100K-$500K+ executive, management, technical and professional resumes and career advancement.


". . .a true subject matter expert in every regard with incredible attention to detail and a passion for his craft."
Mark N. / President/CEO