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The hiring game has changed forever. Now may not be the best time to take the trial and error approach with the most important document of your career.

Our executive resume writing services can provide a substantial competitive advantage in the Milwaukee job scene.

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Executive Resume Writing Services
Expert in crafting strategic leadership resumes, biographies and profiles.

$100K+ Professional

Professional Resume Writing Services
Specialist in branding & creating high-impact target market appeal.


Management Resume Writing Services
Specializing in optimizing management resumes for next-level opportunities.

$100K+ Technical

Technical Resume Writing Services
SME in re-engineering technical paper into a high-value self-marketing device.


Don't just simply take our word for it. We openly challenge ANY Milwaukee area, Wisconsin or Chicgo area resume writing service to a professional resume competion to EARN your business.

Our resumes are more effective. WE can prove it. WE guarantee it. YOU win.

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Resume Psychology: Why our resumes work better

To achieve success in today's job market your resume must:

  1.  Articulate a cohesive value proposition within 5-10 seconds.
  2.  Overcome multiple dysfunctions of the hiring process.
  3.  Command attention throughout all five critical levels of review.
  4.  Specifically TARGET and FOCUS on the position being applied for.
  5.  Effectively address all core position requirements criteria.
  6.  Be visually appealing, technically correct and keyword optimized.
  7.  Compel the viewer to contact you ahead of your competition.

Our resumes are carefully crafted to address each of these mission-critical areas.  We also show you how to quickly optimize the resume for new opportunities and offer live follow-up support for as long as you need it.

Job Search Coaching, Branding and more . . .

Our clients become a highly competitive force as a direct result of our resume optimization processes and many choose to leverage additional advantage gained through one-on-one assistance in one or more of the following areas:

Professional Branding. Effective branding can generate more job offers and higher levels of compensation. Is your brand helping you or hurting you?

Job Search Coaching. We understand that most people are not professional job hunters. We've coached hundreds of job seekers and we can help you too.

LinkedIn Optimization. With proper use, LinkedIn can be the most powerful tool available to the job seeker. We can help you fully leverage LinkedIn and your LinkedIn profile to your maximumadvantage.

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Recent Resumes

  • VP Operations with $1B budget
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Wisconsin State Legislator
  • VP Sales with $2B territory
  • VP Informtion Technology
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Doctor of Veterinary
  • Sr. Account Exec with $24M nut
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