Resume Process

*Depending upon client response times.

Priority Start-up and Expedited Turn-Around service are available.

Resume Styles

Each of our resumes are custom crafted for the unique needs of each client/client situation using a time tested highly successful proprietary methodology.

You will recognize our approach as being highly effective and greatly superior to any other in its ability to provide the competitive advantage that you need to be successful in virtually any market condition.

In that our approach is part of our competitive advantage, we do not openly publish it on our web site.

We DO openly publish the strongest most comprehensive guarantees in the industry. Now that makes sense.

And we'll be happy to show you are past resumes and explain the nuances of our methodologies and approach during your free initial consultation.

With a 99% customer satisfaction rating chances are that you will greatly appreciate what we can do for you and our guarantees make a no-risk, high-reward value proposition.

Could we make it any easier?


      We challenge you to find a better value proposition or guarantees anywhere.

        Notable fact and valuable time-saving tip: You won't be able to.

WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF PROVIDING RECOGNIZABLE VALUE TO OUR CLIENTS. If you do not immediately recognize the value of our deliverables upon delivery, let us know and we will remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction or provide a full refund.

IF YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED; WE'RE NOT SATISFIED. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with our services prior to or upon reviewing our deliverables, let us know and we will remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction or provide a full refund.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: NO RISK!  WE COMPETE—YOU WIN!  If in researching executive resume writing services you identify a resume writing service claiming to offer a more effective resume deliverable, we guarantee our resume to be the most effective.

This as as determined by YOU through our industry-leading resume write-off challenge. Whereas any other executive resume writing service (having a bonafide commercial business office presence) agrees in advance to participate in such a competition to earn your business and where you agree to purchase from the firm that produces the most effective resume per the terms below:

    1.)  Both executive resume writing firms shall within five days prepare and present their executive resume offering to client.
    2.)  Client shall evaluate both firms' competitive offerings in determining the most effective for addressing their needs.
    3.)  We guarantee that our resume will be clearly recognized as being the most effective resume—or you don't pay!

We compete—you win! It just makes sense.

Of course that's easy for us to say—we've never lost.

We pledge to work with you on your resume for as long as it takes for you to be satisfied. If after 30 days you are not getting improved results over your old resume we will work with you to determine why, provide advice on job searches, interviewing and resume distribution, and if needed we will even completely rewrite your resume in a different format at no additional charge.

No other company gives you this kind of comprehensive one-on-one support.